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NFT explainer and auction

Four images from our first zine C-scapes are now being auctioned as NFTs, and we’ve written an article on 35mmc.com to show you how to do it too!

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Articles, reviews and podcasts featuring members of the collective.

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“Learnings for make benefit glorious artform of photography”


We asked Pixels and Grain members to describe the collective’s goals… Adrian’s answer was the best.

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NFTs – can you sell vintage / film photos on the blockchain?

What are NFTs? What’s a blockchain? Is this a new market for vintage camera / film photos? If so – does this mean I can buy more film without getting into trouble at home? We’re excited and (slightly) apprehensive to have tackled the big issue of NFTs in our latest article for 35mmc.com.

Lomography Purple article on Emulsive.org

Our first joint article as a photography collective! We’re thrilled that Emulsive.org published our first co-authored article exploring Lomography Purple at night. Click here to read the full article.

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Pixels and Grain is a photography collective based in Sydney, Australia

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